Victor Rojas

José General Manager and Director of Training
Victor Enrique Rojas is a Dallas native. Joining our team in February 2020, Victor has been in the hospitality and restaurant industry for 34 years.

He studied culinary arts and restaurant management at El Centro in Downtown Dallas. His career has spanned numerous restaurants and hotels such as General Manager for 3 Stephan Pyles Concepts, helped develop and create Bullion, worked for The Gaylord Hotel inGrapevine, The Adolphus Hotel and The Renaissance Hotel (formerly StoufferHotel).  While steeped in formal and fine dining style service throughout his career, he firmly believes that meticulous and detailed service is achievable at any level of dining.  He has a passion for great service and seeks it out whenever possible.  Finding others who share his passion is both challenging and rewarding, especially when the individual and the guests experience the results of their efforts.  


Outside of work, he loves to entertain at home, go for a drive and hang with the family.