Megan Reinhardt

Creative Director
Megan is a seasoned creative director and brand strategist with 20 years experience working on more than 100 brands across a diverse range of categories.

She is lead creative, storyteller and brand steward for our expanded team of staff, creative partners and collaborators.

Her concept-centric style centers on translating our leadership and collaborative team’s work into brands that are differentiated at their foundations, ensuring they are agile, authentic, and innately powerful products.

Her skill set is a cumulative result of having played every position on the creative field. She has first-hand experience in classically-trained illustration, design, print, all-channel digital, creative direction and strategy at every point along a brand’s lifecycle.

Beyond creativity, Megan is a human behavior junkie. She never stopped studying after receiving her design degree from Texas Christian University. Over her experience in multiple categories, she has worked to build a knowledge base understanding customers, behavioral science, customer buying states and patterns; anything that makes a customer tick. It is a critical piece of our Woodhouse's distinct products and the connections they build with guests and patrons.