Brady K Wood

Brady Wood is an influencer and innovator in the entertainment concept and real estate development space. He has the proven ability to “see the unseen” which allows him to navigate the complex and nuanced art of concept creation.

Under his leadership, his hand-picked teams have delivered distinct brands that do more than merely entertain guests, they are culture creators in their own right. They become the heritage and culture of the communities they call home.

Brady’s unconventional approach delivers unwavering, exhilarating ventures in entertainment and hospitality, both at the table and on the stage and for an ever-growing network of friends, colleagues and guests. His ability to connect people to raw, memorable and authentic brands became a real-time problem-solving tool for his clients, which range from single purveyors to multinationals. Each chapter of his career has honed his balance of institutional business acumen and genuine thrill seeking; making him a consistent, successful concept creator and category reinventor.

Today, these skills coalesce as the CEO of WoodHouse, a concept creation studio and collaborative based in Dallas, Texas. The intoxicating energy of WoodHouse's projects and collaborations reach everyone who touches them, from friends, investors, taste-makers, creative contributors, partners, team members and perfect strangers to the communities that call them hometown hotspots. That energy and emotional authenticity is rooted in every door WoodHouse opens.